My Adventures with Bovril!

This is my blog dedicated to my chinchilla, Bovril, born 2.28.13.

Please ask me anything about chinchillas, chinchilla care, etc. I'd be happy to answer any questions! I learned from the best (see below.)

There is a LOT of really, really, really bad, wrong, and harmful information about chinchillas all over the internet. Chances are, a lot of what you think you know about them is actually pretty incorrect; it sure happened to me! If you own a chinchilla or are looking to adopt one, I cannot stress how important it is to do some research on the forum It is a forum full of extremely experienced and knowledgeable breeders and owners who will gladly discuss any topic with you. I would not trust any other site, because frankly they are incorrect.
Asker Anonymous Asks:
hi, so I really want to get a chinchilla but my mom keeps saying no, how can I convince here that we should get one??
chinchillablogging chinchillablogging Said:

Tell me more about your situation. How old are you/what grade are you in? how much are you willing to spend on an animal? are you going to college soon? how much research have you done?

  • Me: I'm so totally getting a chinchilla once I have enough money.
  • Friend: Oooooo what kind of wax is that?
  • Me: ... what?
  • Friend: Is it like a Brazilian?
  • Me: Uh, no. No it is not.

Bovril <3


So I have 4 chinchillas, a mama, daddy & twin 5 month olds. My aunt who gave them to me to “babysit” (I fell in love lol) and she’s taking the parents back and letting me keep the kits.
So long story short, can anyone send me links to a multilevel chin cage with an easy to remove bottom for…

Ferret nation cages are the best cages, but you’re not going to find a good quality cage that’s also cheap they range around $150-200..hunt on craigslist. You’re right, though; all ramps should be removed from a chinchilla’s cage because they can break their legs.

I ordered a “sampler pack” of different types of wood  from Ronda’s Chins so I can figure out what Bovril likes! He’s going to go through the ones he likes in about 5 minutes >.> 

Left to right:


Aussie willow

Red elm




weeping willow


cholla cactus (one stuffed with hay!) 




the second photo is of a perch I ordered of nice natural applewood. 

Bovril is coming home tomorrow and I’m practically hyperventilating

He’s coming home two days early and I have so much to do to get his cage ready???


a PSA:


including raisins! or nuts!


Here’s a great message from flannelliephant in regard to yesterday’s question about breeding! These are very good points from someone who obviously is much more knowledgeable on breeding chinchillas.

“Breeding is a really serious commitment. Are both your chins breeding quality? (buying from…

I’ll do a more thorough post on what you should think about before you even consider breeding later, but this is a quick list of questions from the top of of my head that I sent to The Daily Chinchilla.

(This time next week I’ll be emptying my bank account to pay the $125 outstanding balance on him. :P)